Positive Traits:

  • Not threatened by conflict/criticism
  • Typically confident and self-assured
  • Take relationships and commitments seriously
  • Typically extremely intelligent and capable
  • Able to leave bad relationships, though they may dwell on it in their…

100 Happy Days

This new Indiana life is gettin’ me down so I’m going to do 100 Happy Days starting with when I left Kansas on Thursday. I think this trend has been more popular on Facebook but I would rather deposit feelings in the depths of Tumblr so just bear with me.

Day 1: I’m thankful that I own a trusty automobile that made it more than 600 miles in one day. 

Day 2: I’m thankful for the flexibility of others.

Day 3: I’m glad my family is so awesome and my dad came with me to get set up in Indiana.

Day 4: I’m glad to have wireless internet.

Day 5: I’m glad to have friends who listen even from another timezone.

Day 6: I actually got up and put real clothes on and went outside for the first time in 50+ hours and today that somehow feels like a huge personal victory. 

only 94 more to come!